Public Forum

Public Forum

Encouraging the exchange of ideas and opinions in open spaces, and across agencies and sectors.


Bring your ideas and opinions, and take back insights and shared experience.

Our plan...

Public forum or ‘Lom Wong Long Khuang’ in Thai,  is a public space provided for opinion exchange on public issues regarding current economic, political and social situations among all interested CSOs, NGOs, government agencies, local administration organizations, academic institutions, private sector, mass media and community organizations.

The forum encourages participatory, diverse and independent atmosphere of opinion expression.  Public forums organized by CSNM included public participation in democratic process, promoting CSO participation in Mekong basin’s natural resources management, and Eco Industrial Town towards Sustainable Development Goal 2030 Platform.

These public spaces provided for opinion exchange on those common issues of interested persons/organizations, which invited creative ideas and social movement as a result. These led to public participation in public policy formation at all levels in Thailand and LMS countries. 

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