CSPP organized Resources Mobilization and Sustainability

Resources Mobilization
Image credit: CSNM

During 13-15 February, USAID-Funded Civil Society Partnerships Project (CSPP) under Khon Kaen University’s Center for Civil Society and Nonprofit Management (CSNM) organized piloted-training in Resource Mobilization and Sustainability at Wishing Tree Khon Kaen Resort, Khon Kaen Province. Totally, 25 representatives from 13 CSOs core partners and networks attended the training. Main objective aims to make use of qualified trainers from previous TOTs which was conducted in August 21-25, 2017 as well as to strengthen CSOs’ capability in mobilizing resource and its management including sustainability. Basically, course emphasized organizations’ potential assessment in fund-raising and optional sources of incomes, finance and sustainability management, social and donor mapping and its relations maintenance, marketing communication approach, accountability and transparency systems and strategic business planning. Methodologically, training process emphasized on participatory approach and appreciative adult learning as well as cross-cluster. Participants were assigned through group exercises with analytical thinking and brainstorming. World café’ for rotational presentation and feedback from the floor provided are applicable. Relevant Ice-breaking for group relations and relaxations applied as supportive environment during training ongoing. Finally, summarized overall-contents and daily reflections were included for ensuring expectations and training effectiveness.

Reporter: Sirinath Matra

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