CSPP conducted internships final reflection and program evaluation meeting

Image credit: CSNM

On 21 November, 2017, USAID-Funded Civil Society Partnerships Project (CSPP) under Khon Kaen University’s Center for Civil Society and Nonprofit Management (CSNM) conducted internships final reflection and program evaluation meeting at Head Office of CSNM. This meeting subjects to evaluate performance of both students and programmatic in order to receive reflections of practicum results, improving effectiveness of program implementation professionally. There are 7 internship students and 2 lecturers from Khon Phanom University, Nakhon Phanom Province, 5 CSO core partners (Friends of Homeless, Health and Share Foundation, Thai Baan Association, WWF-Thailand based in Nakhon Phanom Province and AIDs Network Development Foundation) and CSPP/CSNM. 
Basically, CSNM/CSPP believes that practicum with CSOs placements is a part of young leader development mechanism. Though this program, students as next generation will be transferred set of knowledge, skill and attitudes of social development from expertise social workers and experienced civil society organizations. Therefore, almost 4 months practicums, 7 interns have been embraced toward sense of belonging, public minded-service, coordination, communications, adaptation and knowledge applicable and practical in reality. All is valuable lessons and memorial and best practices of growth for young leaders in the future.

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Report by Sirinath Matra