About CSNM

In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the establishment of civil society and nonprofit organizations in Thailand and across in S.E. Asia, each attempting to address a given aspect of the region's uneven socioeconomic development. For many of these organizations, one core focus has been to promote and foster politically-informed and active citizens who work with building more effective and responsive governance. To support these recently-formed organizations, it is vital to strengthen the leadership and management capacity of civil society and nonprofit leaders. Without well-trained leadership, the potential for the emergence of a robust civil society that provides effective checks and balances on government as well as market mechanisms is marginal at best.

With the support of the United States Agency for International Development USAID SAPAN program – which seeks to develop the role of civil society organizations in fostering good governance – the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Khon Kaen University established the Center for Civil Society and Nonprofit Management (CSNM) in October 2013.

CSNM aims to foster and support the role and capacity of civil society leaders and practioners in an effort to build good local governance in accordance with democratic principles.

Based on this, CSNM target groups are:

  1. Civil society leaders Managers of associations, foundations, and of public organizations
  2. Public and private institutions, professional associations, and enterprises
  3. University students, faculty, and other researchers or scholars


The Center for Civil Society and Nonprofit Management is dedicated to developing the capacity of civil society and nonprofit organization practioners, enhancing citizen participation, and ultimately creating a strong civil society that works toward building a more equitable, just and inclusive society.


Academic instruction and practitioner training – undergraduate and graduate courses for university students and executive training for practicing NPO managers.
Mentoring services – expert assistance to help NPOs upgrade administrative and managerial policies, guidelines and processes, and encourage more professional management.

Research and Public Education – studies on issues affecting NPOs in Thailand and the region, followed by public events that bring together local experts and practitioners in discussion and debate on new approaches or policies that could be improved to help NPOs overcome obstacles to their work.


Enhance the capacity of civil society and nonprofit organization managers.
Strengthen administrative and management skills of civil society and nonprofit organization practioners to create more effective and progressive organizations.
Foster the development of quality practioners who can help advance society, improve the management of public affairs, and promote social justice and good governance.